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We provide complete VBA Macros coaching in Noida in addition as 2 live project below 6 months industrial VBA Macros coaching in noida course. Our all VBA Macros Trainers square measure specialists of the coaching business. The VBA Macros course in noida is meant to suit the indusry standard programme that makes it a 100% Job secure educational program offered by us.

In this VBA Macros coaching course you'll come to learn the fundamentals and every alternative necessary aspects. Check below with our complete VBA Macros course programme. When completion of the coaching we have a tendency to additionally offer special categories to those that want to go for VBA Macros certification.

TCA Noida is the most well-liked institute for VBA Macros coaching center in noida. Here we have a tendency to teach students to learn, develop as well as deploy their project with us that has enabled us to mention that we are the most effective VBA Macros coaching institute in noida. Our Industrial training on VBA Macros in Noida Program is guarnteed with 100% Job assurance.

Core VBA Macro Training in Noida Course Content/Syllabus

Here is our VBA Macro course syllabus given to understand the entire topics which will be covered in Core VBA Macro. We recommend you to first go through this core VBA Macro syllabus properly which will enable to understood the things easily.

VBA Macro

Vba Macro Syllabus

Create a Macro

  • Swap Values,
  • Run Code from a Module,
  • Macro Recorder,
  • Use Relative References,
  • FormulaR1C1,
  • Add a Macro to the Toolbar,
  • Macro Security,
  • Protect Macro.


  • MsgBox Function,
  • InputBox Function

Workbook and Worksheet Object

  • Path and FullName
  • Close and Open
  • Loop through Books and Sheets
  • Sales Calculator
  • Files in a Directory
  • Import Sheets, Programming Charts

Range Object

  • CurrentRegion
  • Dynamic Range
  • Resize
  • Entire Rows and Columns
  • Offset
  • From Active Cell to Last Entry
  • Union and Intersect
  • Test a Selection
  • Possible Football Matches
  • Font
  • Background Colors
  • Areas Collection
  • Compare Ranges


  • Option Explicit
  • Variable Scope
  • Life of Variables

If Then Statement

  • Logical Operators
  • Select Case
  • Tax Rates
  • Mod Operator
  • Prime Number Checker
  • Find Second Highest Value
  • Sum by Color
  • Delete Blank Cells


  • Loop through Defined Range
  • Loop through Entire Column
  • Do Until Loop
  • Step Keyword
  • Create a Pattern
  • Sort Numbers
  • Randomly Sort Data
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Complex Calculations
  • Knapsack Problem

Macro Errors

  • Debugging
  • Error Handling
  • Err Object
  • Interrupt a Macro
  • Macro Comments

String Manipulation

  • Separate Strings
  • Reverse Strings
  • Convert to Proper Case
  • Count Words

Date and Time

  • Compare Dates and Times
  • DateDiff Function
  • Weekdays
  • Delay a Macro
  • Year Occurrences
  • Tasks on Schedule
  • Sort Birthdays


  • BeforeDoubleClick Event
  • Highlight Active Cell
  • Create a Footer Before Printing
  • Bills and Coins
  • Rolling Average Table


  • Dynamic Array
  • Array Function
  • Month Names
  • Size of an Array

Function and Sub

  • User Defined Function
  • Custom Average Function
  • Volatile Functions
  • ByRef and ByVal

Application Object

  • StatusBar
  • Read Data from Text File
  • Write Data to Text File.

ActiveX Controls

  • Text Box
  • List Box
  • Combo Box
  • Check Box
  • Option Buttons
  • Spin Button
  • Loan Calculator


  • Userform and Ranges
  • Currency Converter
  • Progress Indicator
  • Multiple List Box Selections
  • Multicolumn Combo Box
  • Dependent Combo Boxes
  • Loop through Controls
  • Controls Collection
  • Userform with Multiple Pages
  • Interactive Userform
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Accountant (Winntus Group)

There is no words to explain about TCA becuase TCA provided me best training & I also got placed in reputed company.

Training in Noida

Pawan Kumar

Data Analyst (My Way Energy Pvt. Ltd.)

I have done Data Analytics Training Program at TCA Training & Development. My experince was so good, trainer had deeply knowledge of particular domain. TCA has also placed me. Overall Experience is good

Training in Noida

Pooja Bisnoi

SAP Expert (Sky Jumper)

Hi This is pooja. I joined TCA for SAP MM Training. Rajeev Sir is very experienced trainer there, he solved my all queries regarding this. Placement cell is also good they placed me in Sky Jumper.

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